About the World Online Whistleblowing Survey

From June 2012, a research team led by Griffith University and The University of Melbourne is conducting the World Online Whistleblowing Survey. This is the first international survey testing public views about whistleblowing to be run online in multiple languages. Whistleblowing is when a person reveals inside information about serious wrongdoing within or by an organisation, to people or authorities who may be able to take action. The survey is collecting data to help answer questions about:

Who can answer the survey?

Anyone can answer the survey, anywhere in the world, provided they do so only once. The research team encourages as many people as possible to complete the survey — whether they think whistleblowing is good or bad. The survey is for everyone, not just whistleblowers. The survey is being offered in a number of languages. Depending on the response to this first-ever survey, further languages may also be added in future editions. The survey takes between 15 and 20 minutes. It is available for download and submission at: https://whistleblowingsurvey.org. As well as a large cross-section of citizens who elect to answer the survey, key sections of the survey are being administered to a random representative sample of the Australian population. They may also be administered to similar samples in other countries.

For more details, Download the information sheet

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