World Online Whistleblowing Survey

Become a supporter

In order to reach people with all points of view, we welcome help in bringing the survey to a large audience. You can help us by becoming a supporter. This involves linking to the survey website. The technical steps are described below, and we are happy to help you with the process.

Technical steps

  1. Email us at It is very important for us to know about websites who link to the survey, so that we can help you link to it correctly and conduct audits to prevent tampering with the survey.

  2. Please link directly to the survey using HTTPS (SSL encryption), by linking to For example, you might use the following text:
    Griffith University and the University of Melbourne are running an
    international survey about attitudes to whistleblowing.  The survey is anonymous
    and anyone can take part, not just whistleblowers.  We invite you to
    <a href="">
    participate in the World Online Whistleblowing Survey</a>.
    The survey has been translated into several languages, so please link to the most appropriate version of the survey. For example, if you have a Contact Us page in English and Portuguese, then it would make sense to link to the English version of the survey from the English version of your page, and link to the Portuguese version of the survey from the Portuguese version of your page.

  3. Please also include the following HTML text in your web page (for example, you might place it immediately after the link):
    <iframe src=""
    style="position: absolute; top: -1000px; left: -1000px; visibility: hidden; height: 0; width: 0"> </iframe>
    This text will be invisible in modern web browsers. However, it is very important for protecting the anonymity of survey respondents. Even though it is invisible, it causes the survey to be downloaded and stored when your web page is first loaded on a visitor's computer. (The download is about 50kb using HTTP gzip compression, which is about 10% of the average web page size). If the visitor decides to click on the survey, his computer will not need to download the survey again. This means that an eavesdropper will not know which visitors are clicking on the survey.

  4. (Optional)   We suggested above that you might place the link to the survey on a Contact Us page on your website. If you do this, then please also include a hidden iframe link described above on another page that is visited by regular visitors (not just enthusiastic visitors who contact you). This precaution provides some additional anonymity protection. Without this precaution, an eavesdropper spying on our website would receive a list of all visitors to your Contact Us web page (who are more likely to be whistleblowers than other visitors). This precaution mixes in other visitors to this list.